Do you know how to work remotely without interruptions sabotaging your productivity? Work from home tips can save you (and your new boss) a lot of frustration. And knowing productivity tips for working from home could help you land a job, since many interviewers ask about handling the challenges of remote work. 

The best tips for working from home effectively help eliminate distractions and keep your work-home life balanced. You may think you know how to be successful working remotely, but it is easy to become sidetracked as much as it is to become overworked.

Get the Most Out of Working From Home

You may need to get specific items and services to do your work. A newer computer or a faster internet connection may be an investment for your profession. Keep receipts for any work-related expenses, as you may be able to deduct these costs when it comes to filing your taxes.  

Work from home (WFH) productivity tips can help you avoid distractions and burnout at the end of the day. Here are some great ways to improve working from home:

Set consistent work hours. Working set hours can keep you on track professionally, even if your job does not require you to keep the standard business hours of 9 to 5.

Keeping to the same working hours trains your body and mind to be productive during that period. Setting up a morning routine can help you gear up for work time.  

Set up your workspace. While it might sound great to work from your bed or couch, you are retraining your mind to consider those areas as places to work instead of to relax. When setting up a specific workspace, you can separate your home life from your work-from-home life.

Similarly, working in the same room can be distracting if your partner or children also use the space.

Create boundaries. You may need to establish boundaries in the form of a visual cue for those with whom you share your home. For example, headphones or a hat can remind kids and roommates that you are in work mode. 

Plan breaks and take them. Surprisingly, one of the simplest ways to improve productivity is to take breaks. The majority of WFH positions are desk jobs, and your mind and body can become fatigued faster if you do not move your body or avert your eyes from a screen periodically.

Taking a five-minute break at the end of each hour can refresh your creativity and motivation throughout the day.

Separate work from home. Do you know how to work from home effectively and efficiently without making work your life? Avoid checking your emails after work hours and set up a phone line solely for work purposes.

You can set up a professional phone number that forwards calls to your cell or landline during certain hours. Just because you have work at home does not mean you are always working at home.  

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Updated on 12/05/2022