Now that you have your telecommuting tools and tips for being a productive remote worker, you can find positions that match your education and experience level. If you have a college degree, you can check out jobs that fit your credentials. 

However, many of the most in-demand telecommuting positions do not require advanced degrees or experience. Big-name companies, like Amazon, are setting these telecommuting trends by paying remote workers higher wages than ever before. Some telecommuting examples include customer service, data entry, medical billing, and sales.

Here Are the Most In-Demand Remote Jobs of 2022
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You can earn money with data entry online positions in your spare time or as your main profession. A remote data entry job usually involves transcribing information from one source to another, such as paper to digital. You can find many types of data entry jobs online, including the following:

  • Data entry clerk – Involves basic alphabetic or numeric inputting
  • Transcriptionist – Involves listening and typing out audio records 
  • Word processor – Involves typing and entering information for documents, correspondence, and reports

Some remote data entry companies hire workers by the hour or word, which means they pay for each word transcribed. You may make more money for your time with data entry jobs from home if you are a fast typist than with an hourly position. 

For example, you may earn $0.03 per word or $15 an hour. If you type more than 500 words an hour (or about nine words a minute), you may earn more with wages per word than per hour. Slow typists average 23 words per minute.  

Work from home coding jobs usually pay better than other data entry positions because they require experience. You can find medical billing and coding work from home jobs that merely require a high school diploma and some experience in the medical field. These can be great opportunities to transition from direct patient care to remote work. 

For instance, many nurses make the switch to medical billing later in their careers since the position is less physically demanding. Coding and medical billing can also be an option while in school for a medical career. 

The number of Amazon online jobs is growing as the company takes advantage of workers who want to work from home. Most Amazon work from home jobs are for customer service positions, which involve speaking to other individuals on the phone or through direct messaging. 

These Amazon remote careers are great opportunities to work from home and receive company benefits, like:

  • Health insurance
  • Vacation time
  • Paid time off
  • 401K 

You usually don’t need a degree or experience to be a customer service representative for Amazon, as the company provides training on how to handle phone calls and messages. However, the position requires you to be a problem-solver and action-oriented to help customers with questions and complications.

Work from home sales jobs can be a great fit if you have a persuasive personality. Most remote sales jobs do not require a degree or experience, just the ability to sell a product. Many of these positions are commission-based, earning more when you sell more.

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Updated on 12/05/2022