Ways to Save Online

Ways to Save Online

If you are interested in saving money on online purchase, it is important to know about the best times of the year to shop and the ways you can score additional savings with coupon codes, social media followings, digital newsletter subscriptions and more.

While you may know of annual shopping days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, different products are at their lowest prices each month of the year.

In addition to all the ways that you can save online, it is recommended that you search for any unclaimed money that may be available to you. Money may become unclaimed for a number of reasons, but generally occurs if a payment, refund or tax return had no way of reaching you after a change of address, bank change or a change of your contact information. To learn more ways to save money online and how you can search for any unclaimed money that may be available to you – review the information that has been provided within the sections below.

Take Advantage of the Best Times to Shop Online

The best times to shop online will depend upon the product that you would like to purchase, but it is well worth the wait as the savings for selecting opportune times to shop can be substantial. While there are annual holidays that offer great savings on electronics, furniture and appliance items such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Prime Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day, those savings will sometimes pale in comparison to shopping for a particular item during the right month or season. While shopping at optimal times of the year can require patience and advance planning, products will receive deep discounts, sometimes as high as 80 percent off.

The spring season offers serious price cuts on warm weather luxury items such as pools, hot tubs and bicycles in preparation for the upcoming summer season. Indoor furniture collections, including dining room sets, couches and entertainment centers often new every February, causing the previous year’s collections to receive some sharp discounts around the same time of year. Other than Black Friday, televisions and home theater equipment can be found at their lowest prices just before the Super Bowl. You can even find holiday decorations, including Christmas trees, on clearance beginning the day after Christmas. Winter apparel and accessories such as boots, scarves and gloves can also be found at a substantial discount with the passing of the winter season, allowing you to prepare for the following winter.

With the summer months, you can find special discounts and financial offers on mattresses and appliances both small and large. As Mother’s Day approaches, flower-delivery companies will be offering their best prices of the year. College textbooks are at an all-time low as students sell back their old textbooks, allowing you to snag some serious savings before prices on textbooks begin to rise again. Early June gives way to Father’s Day sales, including sales on hardware tools and sets, grills and grilling accessories.

In the fall, you will find the best discounts for outdoor furniture and camping gear as retailers begin to shift their inventory for the upcoming winter months. Back to school items including office supplies, bedding and towels receive considerable discounts in late August as students prepare for their upcoming classes. Grills, grilling accessories and patriotic items such as US flags are generally on sale the day after the fourth of July.

Finally, the winter months yield the sales and savings that you may already be aware of, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Additionally, Halloween candy, accessories and costumes go on sale the day after Halloween. The month of October is statistically the rarest month for vacations, allowing you to obtain lower travel prices and hotel rates for a fall getaway.

Tips and Trick for Finding the Best Online Deals

In addition to shopping at the best time of year for the product you intend to purchase, there are a lot of ways to obtain additional discounts and special offers, no matter the time of year. One of the best ways to begin receiving coupons and discount codes is by subscribing to the newsletters of all of your favorite online retailers. Not only do retailers provide their loyal customers with exclusive newsletter discounts, but you will often be notified of upcoming sales and savings events that you can take advantage of.

If you shop frequently at one particular online store than offers a membership or subscription, review the details of that subscription carefully as you may pay more by paying the annual or monthly fee. For example, Amazon Prime members receive free two-day shipping on most purchases, as well as free Amazon music, free Amazon video and a variety of free e-books and audio books.

Coupon codes can offer discounts off a purchase price, free shipping, free merchandise and even provide buy-one-get-one-free offers. If you check out without a coupon code of any kind, you should make sure to check before buying. While it is true that a few retailers never provide coupon codes, most do and you should utilize these codes in order to get more bang for your buck. Other than subscribing to a digital newsletter, coupon codes can be found on social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook and through the use of a downloaded coupon-code browser extension.

How to Find Unclaimed Money That You May be Unaware of

You may be owed money from the government, the state, your previous employer, a bank and even companies that you have done business with previously such as cable companies and insurance policy providers. Essentially, unclaimed money is money that was refunded or issued to you at some point, but for one reason or another, was no longer deliverable. This can be most commonly due to a name change, a change of contact information, an address change or even a bank change. When searching for unclaimed money, it is important to always review each state that you have lived within as well as search any names that you have previously gone by.

Even if several years have passed, you are still entitled to unclaimed money that is owed to you. The money becomes held by the federal government until it is claimed. However, when claiming money that is owed to you, you will be required to provide documentation that proves your identity and in some cases, that you had lived at the address listed on the claim. You may be able to find unclaimed money from sources such as:

  • Federal and state tax returns.
  • Former banks and credit unions.
  • Former retirement plans.
  • Previous pension benefits.
  • FHA-insured mortgage related refunds.
  • Unpaid life insurance policies.

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