The most popular work from home jobs are ones that work with your lifestyle. You can find high paying work from home jobs, positions with flexible hours, and careers that you are passionate about. Some of the best remote companies to work for are currently hiring nationwide. 

Before you apply for any potential good work from home jobs, you may want to consider what is important to you about remote work. For instance, you can find work from home jobs that pay well if money is your most important concern. Or, you can check out positions that let you set your own schedule if you need time to focus on other matters, such as childcare or returning to school.

Today's Most Popular Work from Home Jobs

Some of the highest-paying remote jobs are in the technology industry, and many of these careers require a college degree. However, you can still find related jobs that prioritize talent and personality over education. 

The average salary for any position greatly depends on experience, the company, and type of employment, such as full-time or freelance. Below are some high paying work from home jobs:

A data scientist collects and interprets data to help a business grow, increase profits, or meet other goals. 

  • This position has one of the highest average salaries at $96,500 annually, and you could start by earning $52,000 to $67,000 per year. Some of the highest-paid data scientists earn more than $230,000. 
  • You will need at least a bachelor’s degree, but most companies look for candidates with a master’s degree in data science or a related field. 

A digital marketing analyst develops promotion strategies for a business’s website and social media channels. 

  • The average salary for a digital marketing manager is almost $72,000. Entry-level positions can start at $45,000, and more senior positions can pay around $115,000.
  • You need a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field, including communications, computer science, or business administration. 

A web designer puts together the layout of a website and designs pages to be attractive and easy to navigate for users. 

  • The average salary is around $58,000 annually. You may earn between $27,000 to $38,000 when you first start and work up to six figures within a few years. 
  • You can get a certificate, associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree in Web Design. However, there are no formal education requirements, and you can find jobs as long as you have a portfolio. 

You can also find work from home jobs that pay well and give you more flexibility or require fewer educational requirements. For example, the average salaries for content writers and graphic designers range between $35,000 and $55,000, depending on the workload. Like web designers, these positions rely on portfolios and work samples more than certificates and degrees. 

There are countless remote jobs in several fields, and the number of positions is rising. Whether your remote-work aspirations are money- or free time-oriented, find out how to get the most out of working from home next!

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Updated on 12/05/2022