Are You a Veteran? Discover the Veteran Discounts and Programs Made Just For You

If you are a retired or active service member, you may be eligible for a military discount for higher education, auto insurance, life insurance, home loans, and more. These discounts are made just for veterans as a thank you to the service they’ve provided. While many veteran discounts are funded directly by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), other, lesser-known discounts are available from other sources.

Some of these military discounts are offered by private companies while others are funded by nonprofit organizations. These programs commonly focus on providing healthcare, education, or housing assistance. Additionally, veterans can qualify for a car insurance military discount and life insurance for veterans discounts.

VA Education Benefits You May Qualify For
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VA education benefits are some of the most well-known veteran discounts, but they’re nothing to scoff at. Achieving higher education is a costly expense, and one that has steadily been on the rise for decades. In fact, many service members enlist for these substantial savings on tuition to begin with.

There are very few eligibility requirements for veterans who wish to further their education. Whether you’re a first-time student or you already have a degree, you can potentially save thousands through VA education benefits.

Some VA education benefits offer discounts on tuition, school supplies, or eliminate college expenses completely. Additionally, there are grants and benefits available for other education programs, including certificate programs, on-the-job training opportunities and vocational schools.

Some of these military discounts can also apply to your immediate family members. However, benefits for family members are generally not as large as a veteran’s or service member’s benefit amount.

One of the most well-known educational assistance programs for veterans is the GI bill VA program. This bill was created to reward military service members that served after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Formally known as Chapter 33, the bill provides free education for public schools to veterans and service members.

Additionally, there are several online colleges that accept GI bill awards, so long as the college is an approved public school. GI bill VA education benefits can also be used towards education expenses at a private school. However, as of writing, veterans are limited to up to $25,162 annually, for up to three years or private school.

GI bill VA funds are released to recipients on a monthly basis and must be used towards qualifying expenses, such as:

  • General tuition and education fees
  • Housing expenses
  • School supplies
  • Travel costs, if you live in a rural area or are moving to a new state for school

If you would like assistance signing up for these VA education benefits, you can speak with a financial advisor at the college you would like to attend or contact your local VA office.

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