Everyone needs car insurance, but insurers understand that military service members may have unique coverage needs due to their service. Veteran car insurance policies provides greater flexibility in the event that you must move locations. Additionally, these policies commonly include a military discount to help veterans save money on their auto insurance.

Veterans car insurance policies commonly include options to pause coverage temporarily should you need to, such as in the event of temporary reassignment to a new base or training. Coverage may also be paused for longer periods under special circumstances, such as if you will be deployed overseas.

Options for Cheap Auto Insurance for Veterans

These stipulations in policies do not carry penalties or fees and will not interrupt your coverage streak for related discounts. This is important, because these discounts and benefits provide additional savings that reward customers that have remained loyal to an insurer.

Because a car insurance military discount and policy is not issued directly by the Department of Veterans Affairs, application methods and process can vary greatly between providers. Depending on the insurer, you may be able to apply online, by phone, by mail, or at a local insurance office.

In addition to military policies, service members and veterans can also obtain traditional auto insurance policies.

Not ever auto insurance provider carries veteran car insurance options. However, the largest policy provider is the USAA Auto Insurance. This insurance is only available to veterans and military members and the insurer’s customer service is more knowledgeable when it comes to military policies. Rates may vary, but many veterans’ experience savings between $600 to $800 compared to other insurers.

Additionally, USAA members can receive additional savings and benefits on other services the company offers. These services include life insurance for veterans policies, banking options, investments, and financial advisors. Access to financial advisors provides its own benefits as these advisors may be able to provide additional resources, military discounts, and savings that you may be unaware of.

Of course, there are many other cheap auto insurance for veterans options available. Larger insurance companies like State Farm and Geico provide substantial military discounts to policy holders. On average, veterans can receive up to 15 percent off of their annual premiums for their military service.

When shopping around for an auto insurance provider, be sure to ask about veteran discounts and policies. Additionally, it’s worth knowing that benefits and policies may vary based on active service or retirement. You may also be able to get discounted auto insurance rates for your immediate family members.

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