Find Out Where to Get an Instant Checking Account – No Opening Deposit Required!

For some people, an opening minimum deposit requirement is an obstacle to opening a checking account.

However, some banks require no minimum deposit to open a checking account. Some of these banks do not have minimum monthly maintenance fees either, making them completely free checking accounts!

Here are examples of some banks with free checking accounts with no deposit required:

Aspiration Spend & Save Account is a completely free online checking account with no opening deposit requirement. You can also get cash back rewards and bonuses for purchases.

Simple Online Checking lets you open a checking account online with no minimum deposit. While the bank has no physical locations, you can get cash out at AllPoint ATMs without having to pay an ATM fee.

Capital One 360 Checking lets you open a free checking account with no deposit. You’ll also have no monthly maintenance fees or overdraft fees.

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