Three Ways to Save When Visiting a Theme Park

Three Ways to Save When Visiting a Theme Park

Not every vacation involves leaving your state. If you want an exciting vacation destination, consider visiting a theme park. Theme parks are popular destinations because they let you enjoy the outdoors in a friendly environment. Because there are so many rides and events in a theme park to enjoy, everyone traveling with you can find something entertaining to do.

Planning a trip to a theme park can be an expensive excursion, especially if you are traveling with your family. The cost for admission to some theme parks can exceed $100 per person. This steep price makes it difficult to enjoy your time at the park while staying within your budget. There are several tips you can follow to help save money when visiting a theme park, regardless of how many people you are traveling with. From saving on general admission to cutting down the cost of food, these helpful hints allow you to have fun while sticking to your budget.

Purchase Your Admission Tickets in Advance

When preparing for a theme park vacation, you can start saving early by purchasing your tickets for admission in advance. Theme parks often charge more for admission if you purchase your tickets on the day of your visit, which can add money to your trip you did not budget. To avoid this problem, opt for purchasing your tickets ahead of time through the theme park’s website.

There are often discounts you can find as well to apply to the cost of admission when you are booking your trip. Throughout the summer, grocery stores and fast food restaurants occasionally offer theme park discounts to customers in the form of various coupons. You can pick up these coupons at your local retailers and apply the discount directly to the tickets you purchase online.

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Many theme parks offer additional discounts to customers who purchase their tickets online through the park’s direct website. While this may not be commonplace for every theme park, there are some well-known parks offering up to 30 percent off admission price for people who decide to buy their park tickets in advance. These tickets may only permit you for one day at the theme park, but saving any amount on admission can be beneficial if you are paying for several people to go at one time. Some parks also offer discounts for children or seniors.

Pack Efficiently for Your Day at The Park

Once you have gained admission to the theme park of your choice, you have numerous opportunities to save money throughout your vacation. One of the easiest ways to save money when you are visiting a theme park is to pack efficiently before you leave the hotel. By choosing to carry a backpack of necessary items, you are eliminating the fee associated with depositing your items into a locker when you arrive at the theme park. Many theme parks charge several dollars per locker and you may need to rent more than one locker throughout the day if you are traveling the length of the park and do not wish to carry your belongings while you do. When you bring a backpack with you, you can carry everything you may need throughout the day and remain hands-free, so you can enjoy all your favorite rides.

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When you are packing your backpack or tote bag for a day at the theme park, it is beneficial to bring your own snacks or to pack something you can eat for lunch. Sandwiches are easy to make and are lightweight, so you do not have to worry about the food weighing you down as you walk around. Theme park food is expensive, and the options are usually unhealthy. To save money while you are at the park each day, pack and bring as many snacks and food choices with you as you can. You may want to splurge on one or two treats throughout the day for an authentic experience, but paying for several meals or snacks during your vacation can add up quickly. You can choose to split meals when you are eating park food, as this can cut down on the cost of what you are consuming at the theme park as well.

Create A Souvenir Budget

Theme parks offer souvenir stands and shops on almost every corner as far as the eye can see. Souvenirs are one of the easiest ways to get more money out of visitors, and you may fall victim to this scheme if you are looking for a memento to remember your trip by. You do not have to restrict yourself from buying souvenirs during your vacation, as you may want to purchase a few things to commemorate your time at the theme park. This is particularly common when you are traveling with young children who want to buy a stuffed animal or action figure of their favorite characters. Before you embark on your trip to the theme park, take some time to create a souvenir budget to help yourself save money while keeping your family happy.

You can choose to structure your souvenir budget in the best way for you and your family. If you know your family members are not fond of trinkets but do like spending money on commemorative photographs, set money aside to pay for the souvenir photos taken when you are on the theme park rides. For those traveling with young children, you can create a budget allowing each child to purchase one toy or stuffed animal while you are at the souvenir shop. By setting your budget and instructing your kids on what they can buy within the budget, you are allowing them to receive something special during their trip without paying more than you can afford.

You can adjust your souvenir budget accordingly as you make your way through the theme park if there is something you or a family member really wants outside of the original budget. In this case, adjust your food budget for the day or choose to pack a lunch for the following day at the park to compensate for the added expense.

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