Save More With Coupon Apps

Save More With Coupon Apps

Mobile coupon applications provide you with the substantial savings that coupon clipping does, but without the hassle and footwork of acquiring and organizing coupons. With coupon apps, much of the work is done for you as most apps will display a variety of coupons within your area or by store.

Some of the best couponing apps will include exciting features like the ability to create grocery lists, sorting options for saved coupons and user friendly search functionality. While most coupon apps will allow for coupons to be scanned from your android or iOS phone, there are some apps that will also provide you with coupons that must be printed before use. With hundreds of coupon apps to choose from, it can be difficult to select the app that may be right for you as each app comes with a variety of benefits and a couple of drawbacks. Fortunately, you can learn more about some of the best mobile coupon apps within the sections that have been provided below.

Technology Has Made Coupon Clipping a Thing of the Past

While clipping coupons may be one of the best ways to save money on purchases, particularly at the grocery store, coupons do have their drawbacks. Clipping coupons requires extra work, they can easily be forgotten at home and there are a number of shoppers who pay for a newspaper subscription just for the coupon section of the paper. With the advancement in technology, clipping coupons is no longer as necessary to save money as it once was. Traditional paper coupons can cause delays when you are in line, and now technology allows you to get the same great savings with less effort.

There are a variety of free mobile apps that provide both manufacturer and store coupons that eliminate the extra time that would otherwise be spent clipping. This streamlined approach also provides a faster checkout process at the store. While a store coupon can only be used at a particular retail location, a manufacturer coupon can be used at any store that carries the product in question and accepts coupons. With these free and innovative coupon apps, you will be well on your way to save more money with each shopping trip you make. These coupon apps, along with other money saving techniques, will allow you to save money on all types of items and expenses.

Save Money with These Mobile Coupon Apps

Coupon apps offer the ability to “clip” coupons without ever actually having to do so. Additionally, coupons can be scanned directly from your smartphone, making the couponing process easier and far more efficient. While there are hundreds of coupon apps that can be found online, there are some apps that have high functionality and helpful features. With the money you save from couponing, you can dedicate your savings to household expenses or a vacation fund.

SnipSnap, a popular couponing app, is one such app that is available for both iOS and Android. It can be utilized to search stores and retailers for specific store related coupons that can then be downloaded to the app. A prominent feature of SnipSnap involves the automatic sorting of the coupons that you have downloaded by expiration date so that you can keep track of when a coupon will expire. Additionally, SnipSnap allows you to search your saved coupon by retailer in order to enjoy an easy access. When checking out, the cashier can scan your phone directly to use any coupons that may be applied to your purchase. Another helpful search function is the “Near Me” feature where coupons can be found based upon your location. As with all apps, there are a few drawbacks to SnipSnap. Coupons are often different for each geographical location so they cannot always be used at any retailer. Additionally, the cashier must input a code underneath the coupon, so you will be required to be aware of these coupon codes so that you can inform him or her.

Yowza provides a larger variety of coupons as Yowza accepts coupons and offers to be uploaded from other users as well as retailers. Using Yowza could therefore help you to maximize your potential savings as the coupon research has already been done for you. Yowza offers one of the largest selections for couponing as the Yowza library offers over 70,000 retailers to choose from. Since Yowza is location based, it is best for customers who wish to support local businesses. Like many coupon apps, Yowza is available on both Android and iOS phones.

If you enjoy making online purchases, Coupon Sherpa may be your best bet. Coupon Sherpa has the edge over many of its competitors as the app’s search functionality allows you to search product-specific coupons rather than focusing on an entire store. When searching for coupons, you are able to save your findings to your virtual wallet. While many of these coupons can provide you with quick access to online purchases, it is worth knowing that in store purchase coupons may still need to be printed. While this is not always the case, it is definitely a drawback of the Coupon Sherpa app as some in-store coupons will not contain barcodes.

If you want to save money primarily on your grocery shopping, the Grocery iQ mobile app is worth your consideration. Grocery iQ helps to curve your impulse purchases for items that are simply on sale as the app allows you to create and save grocery lists. This innovative mobile app will than allow you to search for your grocery list items and find coupons that are relevant to your shopping list in order to maximize your potential savings. Grocery iQ includes useful features such as the ability to sync grocery lists with your spouse and even enter items into your list through voice commands. Unlike many other coupon apps, Grocery iQ will let you enter in any loyalty card details and save them directly onto your account. On the downside, some of the coupons that Grocery iQ provides are still paper based, so you will need access to a computer. Grocery lists can also take time to set up and sync with other lists and devices.

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