The IRS will send your stimulus check payment in the same way you received your 2019 tax return. The government will use your same banking information to directly deposit your funds electronically. You may also receive your emergency financial assistance funds by paper check in the mail. In some cases, the IRS might send you a debit card prefilled with your funds.

If you meet the requirements for free government money for individuals but did not receive either or both payments, you may be able to claim them on your 2020 taxes. Some reasons you might have not received your stimulus check or more funds include:

How Will I Receive My Government Stimulus Check?
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  • Gaining a new dependent in 2020 through adoption or birth. 
  • No longer being someone’s dependent in 2020.
  • Earning less in 2020 than you did in 2019.
  • You did not file taxes for 2019 or are a non-filer.

The requirements for the stimulus check changed from 2020 to 2021 that made more people eligible.

For example, the IRS would not pay married spouses filing jointly any funds if one spouse did not have a Social Security number.

Now, the spouse with the Social Security number can receive the stimulus payment for married couples and for any children they may have.

The best way to check if you deserve more stimulus money for help paying bills or any other purpose is to complete the Recovery Rebate Credit worksheet when doing your 2020 taxes. It will ask questions about your dependents and any payments you received from the stimulus. 

The IRS will send your missed payments with your tax return. Or, they will use the funds to pay tax debt if you owe the government.

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