Apps That Save You Money

Apps That Save You Money

With the advancement in technology and the growing popularity of mobile apps, there are now apps for both Android and iOS phones that allow you to save money on purchases, create budgets and track your spending habits, provide financial advice, save money on prescriptions and even earn more money without a lot of effort.

With so many apps to choose from, it is important to review the benefits, earnings and savings of each app in order to discover the apps that you would like to utilize. Most of these apps are free, but some do come at a small monthly or annual fee. The features and functionality of each app will vary, allowing you to choose an app that provides a balanced level or simplicity and rewards. To learn more about the ways that you can save and make money using a mobile app – refer to the information that has been provided within the sections below.

Save More with Coupon Apps

Couponing apps are one of the best ways to save money on purchases, especially when it comes to grocery shopping. If you have ever clipped coupons, then you know the value of couponing and the savings that couponing can reap. You may also be aware of the time that it takes to clip coupons and the extended time at a register. With the advancement of couponing apps, you can save more money on purchases without the hassle and time spent organizing and clipping before a trip to the store.

Couponing apps are designed to find the store and manufacturer coupons that are available within your area. Review coupons by expiration date, by store or by savings. Enjoy superior app functionality and shorten your time spent at the register by utilizing the in app barcodes that a cashier can scan in order to deduct your savings from your total purchase. Some couponing apps will even offer you cash back on specific purchases or allow you to view only the coupons that can be applied to your grocery list, thus eliminating impulse buying on sales. While many of the coupon apps available to iOS and android phones are primarily to be used within a store, there are couponing apps that are specifically designed for online shopping.

Create a Better Budget and Bolster Savings with a Finance Tracking App

Financing apps can help you to create and stick with a budget as well as sync and pay bills directly from an app, review payment histories and receive alerts regarding upcoming payments or payment confirmations. If you are interested in saving more money and reducing your monthly expenses, a budgeting or finance app may be right for you. Finance and budgeting apps track your spending habits and provide you with recommendations that could better your financial health. While most budgeting apps will allow you to create a daily, weekly and monthly budget – some apps, such as Albert, will learn from your spending habits, bills and income and begin to create budgets for you. Finance tracking apps can contain innovative features and functionality that allow you to sync your credit or debit card to the app. When you make a purchase, your purchase will be rounded to the nearest dollar and the remaining cents will be deposited into an investment portfolio. Budgeting apps, such as Mint, will even provide you with a free credit score so that you can monitor your credit and see how financing tips that you have abided by have affected your score. Other apps allow you to pay bills directly from the app and set payment reminders.

If you are not interested in all of the bells and whistles that some of these apps provide, there are budgeting and financial apps that provide you with simple services such as budget creation and notifications when your reaching the end of your budget for the day, week or month.

Discover Apps That Help You Earn Money

Interested in supplementing your income in your spare time? There are a variety of mobile apps that will help you earn extra income with very little to no effort. While you may have heard of taking paid surveys online for cash payouts, with the advancement in app creation and utilization, many paid survey businesses provide mobile phone apps that allow consumers to take surveys while on the go. Though you won’t get rich taking paid surveys, it is a great way to earn a little extra income every month, especially for those who have long train or bus commutes each day. Alternatively, there are mobile apps that will pay you for your purchase history. The data that is collected can aid businesses in improving products and reaching more customers in the same ways that survey data can. Apps that pay you for your search history are generally passive, allowing you to earn a few dollars each month so long as your purchase history remains synced.

A variety of apps will provide you with cash back on your purchases when you scan a receipt that contains eligible cash back items. These cash back offers are similar to what you may find with a cash back credit card or store card, but they do not require you to obtain an actual credit card. Payouts can be cash or gift cards, allowing you to earn money without much effort.

Interested in games? Play-to-win mobile apps provide free virtual scratch off tickets and games that include cash prizes, gift card rewards and sweepstakes entries. With instant winning amounts between $1 and $10,000, there is no reason not to participate in play-to-win games. Most play to win apps are complete free as both the app and payouts are supported by the money earned from advertisements.

Save More on Prescription Drugs with Prescription Savings Apps

Prescription saving apps can help you save more on you prescription drug cost and over the counter medications by comparing prices offered by the pharmacies in your area. Not only can you locate the pharmacy that offers the best price for a particular medication, but apps will provide you with exclusive discounts for utilizing the app or coupons that can be used towards your purchase. In addition to the many mobile apps that can be found for iOS and Android phones, big-name pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy offer their own mobile apps that provide discounts and superior functionality with options to pick up prescriptions, refill prescriptions and set medication reminders. The Walgreens mobile app will even connect you with a live pharmacist technician via a text based chat in order to answer any questions that you may have about a prescription drug or about the services you can receive at Walgreens. While CVS does not offer live chats, the CVS mobile app does include additional prescription drug information, including known drug interactions that should be avoided.

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