Discover Prescription Savings Apps

Discover Prescription Savings Apps

Prescription savings applications on your mobile device are an invaluable way to receive discounts on the cost of prescription drugs. Most apps will offer the ability to view and compare the cost of a prescription drug in all of your local pharmacies, as well as search for any discounts that may be applicable to your purchase, ensuring that you receive the best deal each time you fill a prescription.

There are a variety of prescription saving apps available to you for both iOS and Android cell phones, so it is important to be aware of the additional features and functionality that each one has to offer. It is also worth familiarizing yourself with the big name pharmacy apps, such as Walgreens and CVS, as each of these apps have a variety of benefits that are provided to loyal customers. To learn more about prescription savings apps that may be available to you, review the sections that have been provided below.

Claiming Discounts with LowestMed

Did you know that prescription drug prices vary from one pharmacy to the next? One of the most compelling prescription savings apps is LowestMed. LowestMed is a free app with functionality that allows you to review the costs of prescription drugs at local pharmacies. By utilizing the LowestMed search function, you can enter in any prescription drug name and the app will do the rest. Not only will you be able to find the lowest medication price in your area, but also the app will locate any discount codes that can be utilized for your purchase. If there is a discount code, you can show that code to the pharmacy when checking out in order to reap even more savings. Discounts are generally anywhere between 10 and 85 percent.

Utilizing the Prescription Saver App

Prescription Saver offers superior features in its free mobile app. With Prescription Saver, not only can you review and compare the prices of prescription drugs at all of your local pharmacy, but you can save up to 75 percent off of FDA brand or generic prescription drugs by utilizing the app’s free drug discount card. Prescription Saver allows you to save your favorite pharmacy’s for quick access and even provides directions to the pharmacies and click to call functionality. If that is not enough, you can even share your savings on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter or through email.

Taking Advantage of GoodRX

Another great prescription savings app that you should consider is GoodRX. GoodRX provides you access to coupons and saving tips for more than 75,000 pharmacies around the country and more than 6,000 prescription drugs. Not only do you have access to an abundance of coupons, but you can view the prices of a prescription drug from multiple pharmacies in order to ensure that you receive the best price. The app also allows you to view the pharmacies in your area that provide generic drugs for less than $4 with each order and what pharmacies may even provide certain generic prescriptions medications at no cost.

Saving Money with OTC Plus

While LowestMed, Prescription Saver and GoodRX can all save you money on the cost of prescription drugs, OTC Plus is designed to save money on purchases that contain over the counter medications. OTC Plus was designed by board-certified doctors and, in addition to providing local costs of medications, you can input your symptoms in order to receive a list of over the counter medications that may help relieve those symptoms. In addition to the ability to match your illness with a medication, OTC Plus will search for and provide you with any available coupons to that drug as well as show you how to read the labels on the medication.

Familiarize Yourself with Drugstore Apps

In addition to utilizing prescription savings apps that are designed by third parties, it is important to be aware of the prescription apps that may be available through your local pharmacy. Big name pharmacies such as CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens provide innovative apps that can help their loyal customers save money on the purchase of prescription drugs. Some pharmacy apps may even offer store coupons and discounts for savvy shoppers.

In addition to offering consumers exclusive discounts, the CVS Mobile Pharmacy app is accompanied by several features including prescription pickup, medication reminders and refill prescriptions. With prescription pickup, you can view the prescriptions that are ready to be picked up as well as provide the pharmacist with either a provided barcode or pickup number in order to pick up your prescriptions faster. The CVS Mobile Pharmacy app will also allow you to request prescription refills. You can set medication reminders to help keep track of the medications that you take and never second-guess whether or not you have already done so for the day. Lastly, this app will also tell you more about the medications that have been described to you, including any known drug interactions that should be avoided.

The Walgreens mobile app provides its own savings and benefits, including transfer and refill options, live chat capability, weekly sales, rewards card points and medication reminders. The app will not only provide savings on prescriptions, but it will provide you with weekly sales ads for your local Walgreens. The app provides a number of ways to request a refill on your prescription medication, including by prescription number, by accessing the medication list on your account profile or by simply scanning a prescription label with your mobile device. The app will even let you know when a prescription is ready for pick up. Another great feature of the Walgreens app is the prescription status and history menu that will allow you to review your full prescription history. You can even add an insurance card through the mobile app.

Pharmacy Chat is another feature that the free Walgreen app provides its customers. With Pharmacy Chat, you can connect with a live pharmacy professional on a text based chat system in order to ask any questions that you may have about Walgreen services or about your prescriptions. Finally, by utilizing the Walgreens app, you will be gifted additional rewards points and you can review your rewards at any time. Apps that help you save money on medication can help you spend money wisely while saving money for your individual or household budget.

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