Are you struggling with PTSD symptoms? You’re not alone. In fact veterans are more likely to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder compared to other civilians. It’s estimate that around 7% of veterans will experience PTSD at some point in their lives. 

Fortunately, there are many programs and PTSD counseling for veterans opportunities available that can help you improve your mental health and overcome PTSD challenges. Military PTSD resources include:

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AboutFace: AboutFace features stories from real veterans with PTSD experience, their families, and VA clinicians. The stories and videos help provide more information about PTSD, get advice from other veterans in similar situations, and explore your treatment options. You can learn more AboutFace at

National Center for PTSD: You can find a wealth of information, resources, and advice on the National Center for PTSD website. Additionally, you can view your treatment options, get help in a crisis, find a VA PTSD counseling provider, and explore self-help and coping strategies. 

VA’s PTSD Program Locator: The VA’s PTSD Program Locator is an excellent tool that allows you to search for PTSD programs in your area. In addition to narrowing your search down by area, you can select the program you’re most interested in to find locations dedicated to those specific programs. You can use the VA PTSD program Locator at the site.

Vet Centers: If you are an active service member or a veteran, including of the National Guard and Reserve, you may be eligible to receive free VA PTSD counseling services, including individual and group counseling. These services are available even if you are not currently enrolled in VA health care.

Additionally, there are many self-help veteran PTSD resources that may be beneficial to you, including: 

PTSD Treatment Decision Aid: PTSD Treatment Decision Aid provides more information about PTSD and compare treatment options to help you determine if treatment is right for you. You can find this useful self-help tool at site. helps you find stories just like yours and hear from veterans who have experienced and recovered from PTSD and other mental health challenges. There are hundreds of stories available across all branches of service and multiple service era.

Additionally, the website allows you to narrow down your search, including by gender and whether or not combat was experienced.  

PTSD Coach: PTSD Coach is a mobile app designed to help veterans struggling with PTSD symptoms. In addition to providing more information about PTSD, the app provides helpful tools to aid you in coping with symptoms of PTSD, including relaxation exercises, relationship tips, and more. 

VetChange: This mobile app is designed to help veterans and service members manage symptoms of PTSD and reduce or quit alcohol consumption use to cope with these symptoms. Additionally, the provides treatment information and resources. 

Mindfulness Coach: Mindfulness Coach is another mobile app for veterans and service members experiencing PTSD symptoms. The app helps you practice mindfulness, includes useful exercises, allows you to set goals and track your progress, and access crisis resources. 

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Updated on 05/12/2022