If you enlisted the help of a tax preparation company like TurboTax or H&R Block, they have resources available that track your refund for you. Their tax experts can provide updates on the status of your refund and offer insights into its progress. Take advantage of their refund tracking tools to stay informed about the whereabouts and estimated arrival of your payment.

Remember, though, that these services are exclusive to customers who utilized tax filing services from these companies.

Tracking Your Refund Through a Tax Prep Company

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By utilizing third-party tools, you can conveniently track both your federal and state refunds as long as you filed your taxes electronically with that tax company. Keep in mind that it may take 24 to 48 hours after you file online before you can begin tracking your refund. 

Simply log into your account and provide the necessary details, including your Social Security Number, tax filing status, exact refund amounts, last name, and date of birth. 

If the third-party tracking tool is unavailable, you can connect with a representative in person or over the phone to track your tax refunds and receive updates on when to expect your funds. Some tax prep companies even offer smartphone applications for easy refund tracking, so be sure to look into what tax-tracking tools may be available to you. 

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