While you might look at the services your bank or credit union provides, you can find hundreds of personal loans online. Online loan shopping makes it easier for you to compare rates and terms with dozens of lenders. Below are a few lenders you might consider.

Citizens Bank is one of the oldest and largest lenders with brick-and-mortar branches and automatic teller machines (ATMs) in 11 states. You can get a Citizens Bank loan in other areas by going through their online application process.

Where Can I Find the Best Personal Loan Offers?

Citizens Bank offers loans for personal use, education expenses, and purchasing a home or vehicle.  With a Citizens Bank loan, you do not have application, annual, or late fees. Their rates are between 8 and 21 percent right now. 

Discover is a financial organization that has more services than its well-known credit card.

It provides banking services, including offering loans for personal reasons, school, or home. You can also get an approval decision the same day that you apply. 

You will not have application or origination fees, but you can receive a late fee if you do not pay your monthly obligation on time. The interest rate for Discover personal loans are currently between 7 and 25 percent. 

Upstart is a unique lender that uses artificial intelligence to evaluate you. The organization looks at more than your credit, debts, and income. Upstart considers your education, professional history, and where you live. 

The organization has an origination fee for establishing the loan, and it limits your term period options to either three or five years. Presently, rates for Upstart personal loans are between 6.16 and 36 percent.

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