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If you are having trouble funding your education, an education grant may be able to help you. Education grants are usually given on a need basis, meaning that the individual receiving the grant has some kind of disadvantage that does not allow them to pursue higher education. 

If you have been struggling to finance your career advancement, whether you are seeking technical training or to attend a University, a grant can be exactly what you need. To learn more about education grants and who qualifies for them, check out the slides below.

How Can Education Grants Help Students?
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The biggest difference between educational grants and scholarships, is that scholarships are almost always merit-based while grants are need-based. Merit-based means that an applicant will have to show some sort of academic excellence or proof that they deserve a scholarship in some way. 

This is often decided through contests like essay writing, or other competitions that are specific to a certain scholarship or field of study. Scholarships can also be warned through excellent grades or academic merit and they need to often be maintained, such as keeping your GPA above a certain average to prove you are still eligible to receive the scholarship throughout your academic career. 

Although there are some merit-based education grants available, most education grants will be given on a need-basis. Need-based means that the applicant must show some sort of financial need in order to receive assistance. 

However, education grants can also be given to specific protected groups such as veterans or those with disabilities, or individuals from specific ethnic groups like those who live in Indiginous communities. 

Because grants are usually need-based or are offered to certain groups protected by the government, they are most often distributed by government entities, which is why it is very important to double check your grant sources before applying.

Education grants are also offered by educational institutions such as technical schools, community colleges or universities. These grants are distributed by the entities themselves and prospective students can usually find them on the institute’s website if they are available.

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