Education grants can be found in a variety of places and are offered by companies, educational institutions, foundations and even private donors. Depending on what type of grant you are looking for, you may have various options to choose from, and you may even be eligible for multiple grants if that does not interfere with the terms and conditions of either of the grants you acquire.

For example, if you are looking to study in the field of technology, you may be able to find grants from companies like Apple or Microsoft, or even from your University’s technology or science departments.

Good Places to Look for Education Grants
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You can also explore grants for your specific fields and see if there are any competitions you can enter or if any tech companies are open to applications. 

Government grants can be found on official .gov sites and are usually offered to those in low income areas or protected groups such as Indiginous people and so on.

You can check and see if any government grants are targeted towards you and apply through the appropriate sites. 

Another great source for grants is the educational institution you plan to attend. Colleges and Universities all offer their own grants for students, be it need-based grants like housing grants and study grants or even merit-based grants.

It also helps to check with the specific department you will be studying under, such as checking to see if the English Department has any writing grants available if you plan to pursue language or literature studies. 

Wherever you find your grant options, be sure to check if they are from reputable sources before applying or claiming your award. 

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