Education grants are available to a variety of different people. Grants are usually offered on a need-basis, meaning that the applicant must show some form of financial need in order to receive assistance.

Government grants are often available to individuals from low-income households and have a hard time affording expensive technical courses to advance their careers or those who are unable to afford any form of higher education in general.

How Can I Receive Free Cash Assistance Through Education Grants?

Each grants definition of “need” will differ based on the type of grant it is, on the state the applicant is from (as each state has a different cut off for who is low-income according to their state standards) and on the applicant themselves. 

Certain education grants are offered to specific minorities, such as those of hispanic, indiginious and black descent. These grants can be offered by the government or specific foundations or entities that support these minority communities. 

Others who may qualify for education grants include veterans, family members of veterans and those with disabilities. These groups are protected by the US government and can often receive benefits from government entities, including education grants. 

To be eligible for an education grant like the GI Bill, Veterans need to serve for a certain amount of time and be honorably discharged or be severely injured on active duty before they can complete the required amount of service. 

For a veterans family member to qualify, the veteran must have suffered a disability due to active duty or died on active duty for GI Bill benefits to be available. 

For those with disabilities, the grant type and amount of monetary assistance you receive will be dependent on the severity of your disability.

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