The Best Times To Shop Online

The Best Times To Shop Online

You can save more money by making purchases during optimal times of the year. Throughout the year, different types of items will be at their lowest prices during certain months due to overstock, the transition of seasons and advertisements. In order to save the most money possible, it is recommended that you have patience and wait for opportune times to make a purchase if you do not need an item right away.

If you purchase items at the correct time of year and combine those purchases with coupon codes or savings events, then you can maximize your potential savings and get more bang for your buck. To learn more about the best times of the year to shop online, review the sections that have been provided below.

Purchases to Make January Through March

There are a variety of items that you can purchase in January at incredibly low prices due to the end of the holiday season. A variety of retailers will also offer “White Sales” throughout the entire month, heavily discounting bedding and towel items. New furniture collections will typically be available in February of each year, making January the time to purchase a variety of discounted furniture items. Not only will most retailers discount any overstock of merchandise that they could not sell for the holidays, but January is also the time of the year when warm weather luxury items such as pools, hot tubs and bicycles are at their lowest prices. With the winter coming to its end, the latter half of January will often include substantial discounts on winter clothing, including coats, scarves, sweaters and boots. Lastly, TVs and home theater equipment will often receive large price cuts just before the Super Bowl. Sales on TVs will generally be available through the beginning of February.

When you think of February, you may think of Valentine’s Day and gift giving. Retailers think of that too, making February the best time of year to purchase jewelry. Newer camera models are generally released in February, allowing you to obtain some pretty sweet deals on last year’s models. As winter winds down, you will find hefty discounts on leftover winter products, including apparel and winter sporting accessories. Now is the time to purchase these items rather than paying full price for them next winter. President’s Day weekend often comes with an abundance of sales on household goods, mattresses, furniture and tools. Not only do deep discount on select items become available, but special financing options are common on larger purchases, especially if you have good credit.

With the end of Valentine’s Day and with no immediate holidays coming up, March brings sales for chocolate, flowers and perfumes. With sales at their lowest point of the year, retailers will often offer highly competitive prices in order to sell these products. March is also the National Frozen Foods Month, so you may find deals promoting freezer aisle food both online and at your local grocery store. With spring break nearing, luggage will generally go on sale mid-March. With warmer weather incoming, a lot of retailers offer big deals on summer activity items such as golf clubs, grills and grilling accessories. The only big holiday sale in March is St. Patrick’s Day. During the week of St. Patrick’s Day, it is not uncommon to find heavily discounted party supplies and green-themed clothing.

Purchases to Make April Through June

While April does not offer as many sales as other months of the year, it is the opportune time to purchase “spring cleaning” items such as household supplies, home storage and organization products and vacuums. It is also the best time of the year to purchase a laptop. If you would like to save more on Easter next year, then look for Easter sales on candy, apparel and decorations the day after Easter. Try to snag these sales early morning as they will only last until a retailer runs out of Easter merchandise.

With May comes Memorial Day weekend sales, one of the largest saving events of the year. You can generally obtain special financing offers and deep discounts on large ticket items such as mattresses, furniture and appliances both large and small. As clothing retailers shift to summer collections, you can also pick up spring clothing at substantial discounts. As Mother’s Day draws closer, flower-delivery companies began to offer the best prices of the year.

With Father’s Day right around the corner, June sales can allow you to purchase gifts for dad without spending an arm and a leg. As the holiday draws closer, you will likely find hardware tools, grilling accessories and more. Be on the lookout for lingerie deals as Victoria’s Secret holds their annual sale. If you are a college student, then you will find that the price for textbooks is best in June as previous students sell their books back

Purchases to Make July Through September

If you wait until the day after the Fourth of July, then you will find the second largest grilling sales across the country (second only to Memorial Day weekend). For the same reason, patriotic supplies, such as flags, will also be heavily discounted. In recent years, a variety of retailers including Amazon and Best Buy have begun to hold “Black Friday in July” sales. During these savings events, expect sharp price declines on electronics and big-ticket items.

August signals back to school for high school students, elementary students and college students. Parents can take advantage of discounted school supplies. The back to school season will typically drive down prices on office supplies, backpacks, bedding and towels. With the end of summer, you can find flip-flops for next to nothing along with substantial discounts on this year’s swimsuits, lawn mowers and outdoor equipment. Consider shopping during the tax-free weekend (if your state participates) where sales tax is not charged for a variety of items including computers, school supplies, shoes and apparel items.

As it begins to get chillier, you will find discounts on outdoor furniture, camping gear and sunglasses. This is due to the fact that most retailers will want to reduce or eliminate warehouses of this type of merchandise before it begins to snow. Due to the fact that Apple announces new iPhones in September, prices are generally dropped on current phones after the announcement. Lastly, Labor Day is the last holiday of the year in which you can find substantial discounts on appliances and mattresses.

Purchases to Make October Through December

October is accompanied by discounted bags of candy for the upcoming holiday, Halloween. The days leading up to Halloween feature a great time to purchase candy. Other than Halloween, October does not have other holidays that inspire large savings events. However, you can find substantial discounts on summer items and outdoor furniture that has not yet sold out. Since vacations are rarely taken during the month of October, travel prices and hotel rates will see a sharp decline.

November first is the best day of the year to purchase Halloween candy as most retailers will clearance out any remaining candy the following morning in order to rid themselves of overstock. The same can be said for Halloween accessories and costumes, especially when it comes to Halloween specific retailers like Spirit. With Black Friday around the corner, November offers a lot of savings. You can find huge price slashes on TVs, game consoles and other electronics as well as home appliances. Be sure to check back on these sales the following Monday for Cyber Monday, although most online sales now participate in both savings events.

December brings lower toy prices in expectation for Christmas, but that is not the only price cut you will find in December. Car dealerships, in an effort to meet end of the year quotas, will often offer big discounts on the purchase of a new or used vehicle as well as special financing offers. Lastly, be sure to purchase your Christmas décor and accessories following Christmas Day, as these items often sell for up to an 80 percent discount.

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