Most mobile apps let you set up text and email alerts to notify you. These notifications can help you avoid overspending. You can get an alert when Your account is low; You made a large purchase; Bills are due; Deposits are made; or Unusual activity occurs.

Consider Signing Up for Alerts and Skip the Little Fees
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Some banks charge you fees that you can opt-out of. For instance, companies going green might charge you a monthly fee for requesting hard copies of your statement by mail. 

Statement hard copies can cost you around $5 each month. You can skip this fee by choosing the paperless option and receiving your statements by email or by accessing them on the bank’s website. 

While many banks replace debit cards for free, some banks will charge you $1 to $10 for a replacement. 

One of the newest banking features is the ability to pause spending if you have misplaced your card or checks. This will give you worry-free time to find your card or checks without the concern of someone using your funds. 

Likewise, some banks will charge you an inactivity fee for not using your account enough. They might have a minimum number of transactions that you must complete to maintain the free checking account. 

Make sure you are aware of how often you need to use your card to avoid an inactivity charge. Consider setting up one automatic bill payment for the account, such as a subscription for a streaming service. If it is a small bill, you can fill the account for six months in advance. Just keep an eye on it so you do not get an overdraft fee.

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