Ebooks and Audiobooks have really blown up over the last few years and people are still finding more and more ways to make these book adaptations profitable. Ebooks especially have been popular because they don’t take up as much space as their traditional counterparts and are more environmentally friendly.

How To Earn Money Through Ebooks and Audiobooks

However, because they are still so new, there are plenty of physical books that have not yet been published as ebooks. This has created an interesting opportunity for remote workers to make a profit. 

If you know of a physical book that does not have an ebook version yet, you can buy the rights to publish it as an ebook or split the rights with the original author.

An ebook may cost less than a physical book, but if it gets downloaded by thousands of people, the profit margin will still be high. 

You can do this for multiple books and eventually, the profits will start to add up and you can have a steady flow of income. You can even try your hand at writing an ebook if you enjoy the craft and make one hundred percent of the profit for yourself. 

The other avenue you can take in the online book world is trying your hand at narrating an audiobook. There has been a recent rise in the demand for freelance audiobook narrators, and this job can pay anywhere from $20 to $100 an hour depending on the work.

All you need is an appropriate microphone for your phone or laptop and you can sit at home narrating books and making a pretty decent profit.

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