Many people dream of traveling the world, but most are discouraged because they don’t know how to afford it. However, thanks to the interconnected world we now live in and how readily available wi-fi is even in remote locations, many can now afford to make their dreams of world travel a reality.

How To Earn As a Freelancer, and Travel While You Do It

Freelance positions for travel writers and photographers have made it easier for wayward travelers to afford their next big adventure. 

While you are out exploring new lands, you can take pictures and sell them to stock photo sites like Shutterstock to help fund your exploration. You are bound to take beautiful photos on your travel anyway, so why not use those photos to help pay for your travels?

Many stock photo sites are looking for new images to have on their sites, especially of locations abroad they may have few or no photos of.

Of course, you will need to keep in mind the quality standards these sites require for the photos you submit, but with a decent camera or even your smartphone, you can capture breathtaking images that will help you sustain a living as you travel the world. 

In addition to selling your travel photos, you can also write about your travels and either start a profitable blog or sell your work to popular blogs and publishers as a freelance writer. Many prominent sites hire travel writers to enhance their content by having someone who has actually visited the overseas destinations they are writing about. 

However, even if you can’t find an opening as a travel writer, there are still a plethora of other freelance writing options available that may have nothing to do with travel but will still help you make money on the go. 

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