5 Ways for Seniors to Get Financial Help

Retiring is often not all it’s cracked up to be. Seniors may have to deal with unforeseen expenses and not everyone has enough saved up to cover all these expenses. Thankfully, there are plenty of discounted services that offer seniors a little financial assistance along the way.

Things like senior car insurance discounts and secured personal loans can help seniors afford their living expenses throughout their retirement. To learn more about the different ways seniors can receive financial help, check out the slides below.

Save $$$ With Senior Car Insurance Discounts

One of the easiest ways for seniors to get financial help during retirement is to ask for senior car insurance discounts. Finding cheap car insurance for seniors is relatively simple because most major car insurance companies offer some sort of discount for senior citizens.

To get the best senior citizen discount on car insurance, it is always recommended to shop around and ask different insurance companies for quotes before deciding which company is best for you. 

Some insurance companies base senior car insurance discounts solely off age, while others offer additional discounts for seniors if they take certain courses to prove their competency on the road.

Depending on the car insurance company you choose, you will have slightly different criteria to follow in order to get a senior discount on your policy. 

For example, AARP offers a three percent discount if a client completes their online defensive driving course with a passing score. On the other hand, to receive a senior citizen discount for car insurance with Allstate, a policy holder needs to be over 55 years of age and be retired or only working part-time. Allstate, along with other car insurance companies, also offers safe driver discounts and rewards you for every six months that you do not get into an accident. 

While you are looking for the right senior car insurance discount for you, do not be afraid to ask questions and ask for quotes. Most companies will give you a free quote if you are a new customer, so be sure to use these wisely and find the best discounted car insurance policy that fits your needs.

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