After you have decided which VA home loan option is right for you, it is time to purchase your home and decide your homeowners insurance provider. Homeowners insurance protects your investment in a new home and is especially necessary if you still need to pay off your home loans and overall debt after purchasing a home.

Even though homeowners insurance can be pricey, service members and veterans are able to receive military discounts on home insurance policies from most major insurance companies. The best homeowners insurance for veterans and service members is usually provided by USAA.

Keep Your Home Safe With Discounted Military Homeowners Insurance

The USAA is dedicated to helping insure military personnel and their families and they stay true to that promise by offering some of the best military home insurance discounts on the market.

For example, active duty members will not be subject to a deductible but will still be able to have full coverage and be reimbursed for any damage to their property even while they are away serving. 

Other insurance companies that provide great homeowners insurance for veterans and service members are GEICO, Progressive and Farmers. Each of these large insurance companies provide some of the highest military discounts for monthly home insurance payments and provide additional benefits as well.

Although GEICO does not offer homeowners insurance directly, it has a variety of partners that do and provide great military home insurance discounts. 

When searching for the best home insurance for veterans and active duty military personnel, be sure to keep in mind that each insurance company may have different rates by state, so the military discount you wish to receive may differ depending on where you live and which insurance provider you choose. 

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