3 Ways to Get Cheap Movie Tickets

3 Ways to Get Cheap Movie Tickets

The cost of movie tickets has increased in recent years. A trip to the cinema with your family can come with a steep price tag if you are not actively using money-saving tricks when you buy your tickets. There are a few ways you can get cheap movie tickets, some of which may work better depending on your local theater’s policies. When you save money on your movie tickets, you can use this extra cash to buy snacks or a drink when you arrive at the theater.

You do not need to go to extraneous lengths to get cheap movie tickets, as the most commonly used methods for saving money can be completed with a few clicks of your computer mouse. From loyalty programs to online coupons, getting cheap movie tickets may be easier than you originally thought it would be. This article provides you with the information you need to start saving before your next trip to the cinema.

Enroll in A Movie Theater Loyalty Program

One of the best ways to get cheap movie tickets is to enroll in a loyalty program offered by the movie theater in your area. Whether it is a theater chain or a local theater, companies typically offer loyalty programs for frequent customers. Enrolling in one of these programs takes a few moments, as all you need to do is provide some basic information to complete the necessary forms. Most loyalty programs for movie theaters request your full name, telephone number and email address. Some movie theaters ask you to provide your birthday as well, so they can send you a reward on this day.

Loyalty programs offered by movie theaters provide customers with a variety of benefits in addition to cheap movie tickets. If you go to the movies frequently, then utilizing the benefits of this program can save you money on snacks and drinks, as many companies offer free or discounted popcorn and fountain drinks for recurring customers.

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Some loyalty programs provide customers with a reduced entry fee on a certain day of the week, such as offering movie tickets for $5 every Wednesday. If this is the case with your local theater, then you can choose to only see new movies on Wednesdays to ensure you are saving money each time you go to the cinema. If you do not want to be restrictive of when you can see a movie, then the loyalty program may provide monetary offers as well.

When you buy movie tickets after becoming a member of the loyalty program, you begin to amass points that can be turned into a gift card to be put toward a future purchase of movie tickets. In most cases, you need to pay an enrollment fee for movie theater loyalty programs, but the one-time fee is significantly less than what you would pay if you continued to see movies with the rewards.

Research Discounts at Your Local Theater

In addition to loyalty programs, many movie theaters provide various discounts to customers that you can use to get cheaper tickets or other deals. For example, many theaters offer a Discount Day where the cost of admission is less than what it would be on other days of the week. You can contact your local movie theater to determine if they have a designated Discount Day and then plan to see a movie on this day to save money.

The Discount Day provided by the theater may vary from the one provided by the loyalty program, so speaking with someone who works at the theater is the best way to gain insight into their schedule. For example, some discounts specifically apply to tickets, while others also extend to food or drinks sold at the theater. Other discounts are only available to select screenings.

Many movie theaters offer discounts for students, seniors and military members. You must provide the necessary forms of identification to utilize one of these discounts as the movie theater associates must confirm your eligibility before offering the discount.  Supplying your student ID or military ID can help you gain access to the corresponding discounts, and seniors can supply a regular form of identification at the time of purchase.

Some theaters may only offer student, senior and military discounts on certain days of the week, whereas others may offer the discount year-round. When you arrive at the cinema, speak with someone working at the ticket booth to determine whether you can receive a discount for the day or if you need to wait for an upcoming showtime to use the available discounts.

Redeem Movie Coupons

To save more money on your next trip to the movies, consider the prospect of redeeming coupons online before you head out the door. Movie theater chains may offer their own coupons, but you can use a variety of online coupon providers to find discounts in your area. There are several coupon websites and smartphone apps you can use to achieve this goal. All you need to do is access either the website or the app and scroll through the entertainment section to see if any movie coupons are listed for the week.

To optimize your time on these apps and websites, you can utilize the search feature and scroll through coupons specifically categorized under movie offers. The coupons may vary in their value, but you can save money on your trip to the theater regardless of what the coupon is for. In most instances, movie coupons offered online and through smartphone apps provide customers with a dollar amount off the admission price or a percentage off the admission price. Depending upon the rules at your local theater you may be able to stack this coupon onto an existing discount you receive, such as a military or student discount. In doing so, you are getting the cheapest possible price for your movie tickets.

In some cases, the coupons offered by these online companies and smartphone apps may provide you with a dollar amount off or a percentage off concessions in lieu of reducing the price of admission. You may be able to find coupons for free concessions through these mediums as well.

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