Learn About the Types of Debit Card Accounts – And Find the Right One for You!

The right type of debit card account can help you save time and money. Direct deposit lets you get your paychecks or other payments faster. Having your own debit card makes online transactions – like bill payments and purchases – fast and easy.

If you have hesitated to apply for a debit account in the past, read on to learn more about how debit cards and accounts can actually make your life way easier.

Get Instant Access to Your Money With a Direct Deposit Debit Card Account
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If you receive regular payments at least once a month, a direct deposit account is the right type of debit card account for you. With direct deposit, any payments you receive, such as a paycheck, are sent to your debit account by electronic deposit.

You actually get paid sooner with direct deposit! You will be able to skip the wait to get your paper check, and you won’t have to visit the bank or pay any fees to cash your checks.

Getting a direct deposit bank account is easy and often free of charge. Many banks offer a free checking account with direct deposit. As long as you get a certain amount of money deposited in your account, you won’t have to pay any service or maintenance fees.

Setting up direct deposit for your paychecks is also easy. All you have to do is request direct deposit from your employer and provide them with your account details. After that, you will start getting paychecks directly deposited into your account.

But paychecks are not the only reason to get direct deposit. Even if you do not work, you can use your direct deposit debit account to get your tax return, government benefits such as Social Security retirement and other payments.

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