A debit card account is a popular and convenient type of bank account. Using a debit card is similar to writing a check. Here is how it works: The debit card is connected to a checking account at a bank. Whenever you swipe or insert your card to buy something, the amount of the purchase is instantly removed from your debit account.

Make Payments and Purchases Convenient With a Debit Card

These days, you can open a debit card account online quickly and easily. You can get a new debit card through a traditional brick-and-mortar bank that has physical locations. Or, you can get a debit card connected to a completely online debit account. While online banks will not have physical locations, they generally allow you to take cash out of in-network ATM machines without a fee.

Before you open a bank account or online debit card, take some time to find a debit card that is right for you. Some examples of debit card options include the following:

  • Cash back debit cards and debit card rewards give you money or rewards, usually if you spend a certain amount with certain merchants.
  • No-fee debit cards come without banking fees, such as no monthly service fees.
  • Student debit cards and senior debit cards offer perks to qualifying students or seniors. These may include no or low fees and special account protections.

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