Live and Work Overseas Cheaply

Live and Work Overseas Cheaply

Living and working overseas may seem like an unattainable goal if you must adhere to a strict budget to maintain your lifestyle. From finding a new job to looking for affordable housing, you may pass up the chance to pursue your dream simply because it seems out of your reach.

However, there are several ways you can conquer the task of living and working overseas, all without breaking the bank or stretching your budget. Once you have calculated your cost of living, you can begin to plan out how much money you need to comfortably live abroad.

Many of the professional skills you have gained in the United States can translate into skills needed for numerous overseas jobs. Before you find an apartment in a new country, it is important to secure a job position first. In doing so, you are preventing yourself from running out of money once you make the move to an overseas location.

Affordable Places to Live Overseas

For those who know they want to live and work overseas but are unsure of where to go, there are affordable places to live in a plethora of places across the globe. From France to Italy to the Dominican Republic, people can find affordable areas to live regardless of what type of climate and lifestyle they are seeking.

Some of the most affordable places you can live overseas include:

  • Portugal
  • France
  • Dominican Republic
  • Italy
  • Slovenia
  • Belize

The first step towards choosing your destination is to determine the type of culture you want to be involved in when you move. If you want to lead an active lifestyle, living in an area with a warmer climate can provide you with the conditions necessary to achieve your goal. If you want to live in an area with plenty of museums and coffee shops, you most likely want to choose a destination in the world centered around artistic culture.

How to Find Work Overseas

Finding work overseas can be accomplished in a few different ways. You must select an employment opportunity prior to arranging your housing options ahead of your move. One of the easiest ways of achieving this task is to search for job opportunities in the country you are interested in moving to.

Web-based job searches are the easiest to find a position, as you can apply for a job with a few clicks of your mouse. During the job seeking process you have the ability to conduct an interview via video chat. If the meeting goes well, you can suggest to a potential employer you would be happy to meet with them in person once you have arrived in the country.

When you look for work overseas, make sure you factor in what you want to do with your time abroad. If you want to build time into your schedule for you to travel, you may want to start off by acquiring a part-time job to allow yourself the ability to sightsee in your spare time.

If you are not fluent in the language spoken in your chosen country, you may need to spend time learning essential phrases prior to starting your new job. This allows you to communicate with your co-workers more effectively and can help you meet customer needs if you are interacting with the public in your new role.

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You must ensure you are legally allowed to work in the country you are planning on moving to before you begin the application process. Many countries require individuals to possess a work visa. Applying for a work visa can be tricky, and you must know each requirement for your visa before settling on one area over another. If you are worried about completing the application, consider seeking legal help.

Your future employer may also help you through the process. If you do not have an employer when you get your work visa, send out as many applications as you reasonably can. This increases your likelihood of finding a job sooner and helps you to become more financially stable during the transition process into your new home country.

You have the option of working remotely when you move overseas, which may be easier to tackle than the process of finding a job within the country. Remote job opportunities are available in a variety of fields, and you can comfortably work from anywhere in the world as long as you are able to meet your deadlines, which can help you save on costs while earning. You can choose to do writing, bookkeeping, transcription work or any other type of job you can hold remotely.

How to Find A Place to Live Overseas

Once you have secured a job opportunity you can begin the process of finding housing overseas. It is important to establish your projected cost of living in advance as this can help you decide how much you can afford to pay each month for rent and utilities. You should also consider daily costs, such as food, when determining your cost of living.

If you want to try new restaurants, visit museums, or go to concerts while living overseas, you can add these costs together to establish what your monthly budget may be. After you have calculated your budget you can start to look for housing options within your target price range. When calculating costs, make sure you to consider different currency values.

You must complete all necessary paperwork before you secure housing overseas. This includes completing all visa paperwork and undertaking any necessary tasks, such as receiving vaccines, as mandated by your new home country.

Moreover, you may start looking for housing options prior to leaving home by contacting realtors overseas who can help you with the process. Working with a realtor can help you find the best neighborhood and the best home. This is especially helpful if you have never traveled to the country before.

There are several online search engines you can use to search for housing as well. While this may be a quicker and more affordable alternative to working with a realtor, you may not gain the same insight when simply looking for apartments online.

In any case, make sure to wait and choose the best place to live in once you have arrived in the country. This will ensure that the home looks and functions the way you were expecting it to before you sign the lease.

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