Discover Paid Survey Benefits

Discover Paid Survey Benefits

You may have heard of paid surveys and their ability to provide an extra income. Paid surveys are enticing as they do not often take much effort and can be completed within five and 20 minutes. However, most surveys will include a small amount of benefits, such as a dollar or less, for each survey that you take.

Therefore, if you are interested in receiving income through paid surveys, it is important to understand how you can maximize the benefits that you can earn as well as how survey benefits are paid and whether or not you will receive a cash payment, gift card or sweepstakes entry. Some survey websites that award you with points that can be exchanged for survey benefits will even provide you with a choice on the survey benefits that you receive. To learn more about paid survey benefits – review the sections that have been provided below.

Supplement Your Income With Paid Surveys

Paid surveys have become a leading marketing strategy in recent years, inciting competition amongst paid survey websites. Further competition can lead to larger cash payouts, bonus opportunities, better sweepstakes and easier navigation on a paid survey website. While most survey takers will not be made rich, providing your opinion through paid surveys is a stress-free way to supplement your income.

Generally, a survey may take between five and 20 minutes to complete and the amount of money or sweepstakes entries that you can expect to earn will be based upon the survey itself. This provides you with more control over the extra income that you would like to earn as you have the capability of completing as many or as few surveys as you like. There is no limit to how many paid survey websites you may register for, allowing you to maximize your survey opportunities and take advantage of bonuses that may be offered across multiple websites.

Maximizing your Paid Survey Benefits

With each paid survey website that you subscribe to, you will be asked to complete a personal profile that will help the survey website determine the surveys that you may be eligible for. It is very important that you provide completely honest and accurate information when answering these questions as your answers will affect your eligibility for surveys and therefore your survey benefits and payments.

As part of your personal profile, you will be asked to provide both your contact information and your residential and mailing addresses. Not only does the information provide advertisers with your demographic location, but it will allow a survey website to contact you in the event of a larger prize, sweepstakes win and to send you any prizes that you may earn. In order to determine your survey eligibility and narrow your search for surveys, you will need to provide your gender, date of birth, education level, employment status, career title and information regarding your household’s makeup. You will be asked about the genders and ages of all household members as some surveys are targeted towards certain age groups, to certain genders, educational levels, career paths and even whether or not there are children within the home.

In some cases, you may not qualify for a survey you begin. It is important to not become discouraged when failing to meet qualifications as there are thousands of surveys available and you will never meet the eligibility requirements for them all. Still, there are several steps that you can take to maximize your paid survey benefits and payments.

Create a separate email account for your survey participation and disable your spam filter in order to receive the maximum amount of survey notifications. Not only will you have all of your surveys in one place, but they will not clutter your primary email account. It is recommended that you register for several paid survey websites in order to take advantage of the most surveys possible as well as any sign up bonuses that a website may offer. Use your time wisely and complete surveys during idle time, such as if you commute to work by train or bus. While some surveys may only pay a dollar or two, keep in mind that these amounts will add up and while taking surveys will not likely replace your employment, paid surveys will provide you with extra money that you would not have otherwise.

Receiving Payments from Paid Survey Websites

When taking paid surveys to supplement your income, it is important to know that in general, the longer the survey is expected to take to complete, the higher the payment amount. Therefore, a 20 minute survey may have a far greater payout than a survey that takes you five minutes. Most paid survey websites will offer payments through either check or Paypal payments. Paypal is recommended as it is often easier to receive your survey website benefits and provides considerably faster payments. In some cases, gift cards or sweepstakes entries may also be offered in exchange for completing a survey instead of receiving a cash payout.

Due to the fact that competition amongst paid survey websites is high, many offer sign up bonuses of as much as $5. A handful of websites will also provide bonuses for completely daily tasks, such as participating in online polls. While there are a great deal of paid survey websites that will track your payouts by a dollar amount, many websites have converted to a point system in which you can choose the benefits that you receive with different types of payouts available at different point thresholds. With paid survey websites such as these, you are often given the choice between cash payouts, gift cards and sweepstake entries. In many cases, you must earn a certain dollar or point amount before a payout becomes available to you.

Sometimes, payments and benefits from paid surveys may take a while to process. It is important to be patient during these times as money must be passed through the company paying for the research to the survey panel before it can be paid out to you. At times, the benefits of higher paying surveys may not be available until the results of the survey have been verified. Funds or points can become available anywhere between a few days to a few weeks.

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