No Credit Score? Find Out How to Build Your Credit History!

If you have never used credit – like loans or credit cards – then you don’t have a credit history. You can build your credit history and boost your credit score by using credit wisely and paying your bills on time. Building a good credit history will help you qualify for loans, credit cards and other types of credit.

The only problem? Without a credit history and a strong credit score, it may be hard to qualify for credit. But don’t worry! Continue clicking through this slideshow to learn how to build credit without credit history.

Before Building Credit, Get a Free Credit Report From All 3 Bureaus

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A credit report shows your history of using credit. It includes your credit accounts, amount of debt, payment history and more.

There are three main credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and Transunion. Each company uses your credit report history to calculate a credit score. Your credit rating will typically range from 300 (“bad”) to 850 (“excellent”).

Anyone can request their credit reports and scores to review their credit history. People with a positive history of paying off their debt on time will have a high credit score. People who have too much debt or have not always paid on time will have a lower credit score.

But if you don’t have a credit history, you will not have a good or bad credit score. And your credit report will have no history.

However, you should still get a credit score report even when you don’t have a credit history:

  • First, you want to make certain that you do not have a credit history. Some landlords or utilities companies may report your payment history to the credit agencies. A free credit check will show any of this payment history.
  • Additionally, you can check to see if anyone has committed fraud by taking out credit in your name. A free credit score check should show any suspicious activity.

You can get all three credit scores free of charge from the main credit reporting agencies once per year. Get your credit report online today to be sure you are starting from scratch!

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