Consider a Pre-Approved Retail Credit Card to Help You Build Credit

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Store credit cards are great credit cards for starting to build credit. These cards are offered by department stores, gas stations and other retail businesses.

Store credit cards for no-credit borrowers are especially good because they usually have no fees and a beginning period with no interest. You may also be able to save money with discounts or bonuses for signing up.

Pre-approval retail credit cards are easy to qualify for because they have low credit limits. If you don’t qualify at one store, try another store. There are hundreds of stores that offer store credit cards for no credit history borrowers. Some of the best retail credit cards are offered by Walmart, Target, Amazon and Costco.

Before applying for a store card, make sure your payments will be reported to the credit bureaus. As long as you pay your bill each month and do not borrow too much, you can start building a positive credit history.

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