How Destination Weddings Can Save You Money

How Destination Weddings Can Save You Money

Brides and grooms often view destination weddings as an extravagant option, but choosing a destination wedding may ultimately cost less than having the wedding in your home state. Weddings can cost several thousand dollars due to the budget needed to address each area of planning. From decorations to the DJ, paying for a wedding can significantly reduce the balance of your savings account.

To save money on your big day, consider having a destination wedding. A destination wedding gives you the chance to reduce the cost associated with your venue and can help you manage your guest list. Normally, when it comes to saving money on your wedding, you need to adjust a few key areas to make room in your budget. By choosing a destination wedding, you do not need to make these same adjustments because you are saving on the most expensive areas right out of the gate.

Destination Weddings Can Lower the Venue Cost

The cost of a wedding venue tends to be the most expensive price tag associated with your big day. Not only do you need to pay for the venue itself but you also need to make additional payments to cover the cost of decorations and flowers for your selected location. In some cases, you may consider getting a personal loan to cover the costs.

When you have a destination wedding you are significantly lowering the cost associated with selecting a venue and the décor needed to have this venue meet your expectations. Many companies that arrange destination weddings bundle the cost of the venue, décor, flowers and food for your reception. This eliminates the need for paying different vendors for different services, which can help you save money in other areas of your wedding budget.

Some destination wedding venues offer guests the ability to obtain a free wedding package, although you need to spend time researching what resorts offer this deal. The items included in free wedding packages may vary as well, but you are subsequently reducing the overall cost of the venue by choosing a destination offering this deal. When given the opportunity to bundle certain elements at your selected venue, it is almost always in your best interest to do so to cut down on your overall wedding costs.

Reduce the Size of Your Guest List

You and your partner may be holding lengthy debates regarding who is getting a coveted invite to your wedding and who is going to be left off the guest list. If there are some gray areas in your planning where you are unsure of whether to invite someone because you are trying to keep the cost of the wedding down, then having a destination wedding can eliminate some of this stress. While you can reduce the guest list at any wedding, having a destination wedding makes the process easier and less personal for your jilted guests.

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People are more apt to attend a wedding when it is easy to travel to and the prospect of attending a destination wedding may be unmanageable for some guests. This helps to reduce the size of your guest list without having to debate whether you need to invite everyone from the office to celebrate your big day.

Take time to consider who can afford traveling to a destination wedding, including immediate family and close friends as well as distant relatives and colleagues. If you know someone close to you cannot afford to travel to your wedding, then consider talking to him or her directly. This way, you do not have to worry about accidentally offending someone by not extending him or her an invite.

When you have a reduced guest list, you are cutting down the cost of notoriously expensive wedding items, such as save the date cards, wedding invitations and wedding favors. The smaller your guest list, the less you must pay for these necessities. Additionally, when you have fewer people projected to attend your wedding, you can save money on your food budget. Wedding meals can be expensive, and the fewer people attending your wedding, the less you ultimately spend on food.

Combine Your Wedding and Honeymoon Into One Trip

If you are concerned about your wedding budget because it may reduce the amount you can spend on your honeymoon, then having a destination wedding can eliminate this concern altogether. You can choose to hold your destination wedding in the country where you would most like to spend your honeymoon, as this allows you to save on the cost of both occasions. Oftentimes, when you book a destination wedding, the venue where you are holding the wedding offers additional perks for the bride and groom. These perks, such as free nights at a hotel or an extended stay package, can be put toward your honeymoon budget and plan.

Even if the venue you have selected does not offer bonus perks for newlyweds, you can save on the cost of your honeymoon by planning a destination wedding. In most cases, when you book a trip through a travel agent or through a travel website you are offered reduced prices for bundling your airfare and hotel stay. Simply plug in the date you want to arrive before your nuptials and speak with your partner about how long you want your honeymoon to be.

If you cannot afford a lengthy honeymoon, then you can tack on two or three extra days after the wedding to have a mini-vacation in your chosen destination. All the essentials for a vacation are packed in advance when you are planning for the wedding and you may be able to receive free breakfast from your chosen hotel.

To ensure you are properly utilizing the benefits of a combined destination wedding and honeymoon, select an area where you can travel to multiple cities during the duration of your stay. You may want to get married in Italy and additionally want the chance to travel to other areas of the country while on location. By selecting a centrally located destination wedding, you free up the ability to travel throughout a new country for your honeymoon without adding a steep amount of money to your existing wedding budget.

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