Military service members and veterans do a lot for this country, and it’s only right that there are government grants and programs available specifically for military families. Military government programs provide benefits related to healthcare, housing, small business, and education. The most substantial military programs include:

Housing Grants and Programs: The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides VA loans to qualifying veterans, service members, and their families. Unlike many other federal assistance programs, VA loans are not based on income. Instead, applicants must meet service-related qualifications.

Federal Grants for Service Members and Their Families
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In most cases, loans are not provided directly by the VA, but the VA backs the mortgage to entice lenders to provide reduced eligibility requirements and better loan terms.

Additionally, most borrowers are not required to provide a down payment for a home or pay mortgage insurance premiums. In addition to VA loans, the Department of Veterans Affairs offers two government grant programs, the Specially Adapted Housing and the Special Housing Adaptation grants. Finally, homeless veterans can obtain additional government assistance and resources through the VA.

Education Grants and Programs: There are several educational government grants available to service members, veterans, and their families. The Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants program offers financial assistance towards the cost of education for the children of service members who died in service. 

Additionally, the Department of Veterans Affairs provides federal grants in the form of GI Bills to qualifying veterans and service members to pay for tuition for trade schools, colleges, and other higher education opportunities.

Small Business Grants and Programs: Qualifying service members, veterans, and their families can receive financial assistance for starting a small business with the Boots to Business program. Additionally, the program offers special loans for veterans who qualify. 

Healthcare Programs: TRICARE is the government assistance health insurance program for current and former service members and their spouses. Additionally, there are government programs available to veterans who have a service-connected disability and qualifying spouses after the loss of a military spouse. The type of coverage you can receive depends on many factors, including your service, military status, and location.

You can learn more about military government grants and programs by contacting your local United States Department of Veterans Affairs office. Additionally, the VA’s website provides in depth information about all of the programs they offer, including access to applications and additional resources that military families may qualify for.

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