5 Kinds of Veterans Benefits to Help You Save

If you are a veteran or current service member, veteran benefits can help you in many areas of life: from free education to health care, affordable home loans, pensions and more. Veteran benefits are handled by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). Service members have many benefit options available to them both before and after they are discharged.

Additionally, some benefits can be utilized at any time during or after service. To learn more about the different types of VA benefits you may qualify for, continue reading the slides below.

How Can VA Benefits Help Me?
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The United States Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) offers a variety of benefits to service members and veterans. VA benefits can include anything from veteran pension payments, to education benefits provided by the GI Bill. Most veterans qualify for these types of general VA benefits, but some benefits require different criteria to be met. 

For example, to be eligible for disability benefits, a Veteran must prove that he or she sustained an injury and developed a disability because of his or her service. Additionally, depending on the severity of the disability, veterans can receive different levels of assistance including at-home care and other medical benefits.

Other benefits also have their own criteria, although the extent of eligibility requirements will depend on the specific benefits program you are applying to. 

In addition to education and disability benefits, the VA also provides VA home loan options to help veterans and their families afford a place to live. To help protect the investments veterans buy with their VA home loans, most major insurance firms will offer some sort of homeowners insurance discount for veterans. These military home insurance discounts can help make homeowners insurance much more affordable for military families and help protect your private property. 

Military discounts are readily available at most establishments, and can help veterans afford a variety of services that may put a strain on their finances. If you are a member of the military or a retired military veteran, be sure to always ask for military discounts when making large purchases or when buying types of insurance, such as car insurance. 

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